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When I'm Gone

Practical Notes for Those You Leave Behind
by Kathleen Fraser
Boston Mills Pr

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Pub Date: 2011
Format: Spiral-bound; Hardback
Pages: 144 pp.
Size: 8.50 x 10.50 inches

ISBN: 9781770850460
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Preparation for loved ones for when you are just not there.

The success of this book—with 80,000 sold—speaks to the aging population and the increase in related activities, such as writing wills, advance directives (living wills), and preplanning funerals.

But When I'm Gone has also proven popular for its practicality. With the information recorded in the book, a prolonged absence or sudden illness is no longer a complication for those left behind. They may need important information like banking details, house and car maintenance records, PIN numbers, the location of keys, codes, phone numbers, addresses and so much more.

Elegantly designed and tastefully illustrated, When I'm Gone is a fill-in record book and a resource manual to better handle all the little details of life when someone is absent, for whatever reason. The book provides a place to give instructions concerning the issues we think of first—e.g., legal, financial—but also all the day-to-day details of the household and the personal notes we never get around to writing.

The book includes useful information and space to write in instructions on where to locate key contacts and essential documents, such as wills, powers of attorney, medical care directives, and living wills.